Authority Marketing

Authority Marketing, the Benefits in today’s marketplace.

Hi, everybody, What I’d like to talk to you about today is authority marketing; what that really means for your business, and the benefits that it brings to you.

Authority marketing is not only a lead generation, inbound marketing strategy, but it’s also a conversion strategy. Let me explain what I mean by both of those statements.

When you become an authority in your marketplace, or in your niche, really what you’re trying to accomplish is getting people to choose you as the best buying option for their hard-earned dollar. The best ways to do that is in a very open, transparent, and easily accessible arena. So what I mean by that is, through search engines, social media and open forums, not necessarily on a private areas of your blog, or only through consulting. You should be providing answers to questions that the average person within your niche who’s looking for your services has. You can do that through videos, you can do it through article creation, or shorter social media posts. Here’s just a little bit of a strategy to help you with the content creation. You could do a video on the topic in a questioned answered format, and then seperate the .mp3 from the video to use as a stand alone audio file of that video, then transcribe the audio file and turn it into an article. Now from 1 piece of created content you can syndicate it as a video, a podcast, as well as an article or blog post.

This is not so much a lesson on how to do the nuts and bolts application of this process, although if you wanted a more step by step blueprint kust leave a comment below & if there is enough interest I’ll get you one. This is the reasons and the benefits why you should be focusing on authority marketing.

Pretty much what you need to do, keeping in mind nobody knows more about your area of expertise than you, is to create a series of common questions that are frequently asked by prospective buyers within your marketplace. Once You know what your ideal prospects are asking in order for them to feel comfortable to make an educated buying decision, you answer those questions in an open forum during their research into your industry. This information will help your prospect to make an educated buying decision and will have the added benefit of positioning you as an authority in your marketplace.

The common mistake that most businesses make is to take those questions and place them on an owned asset where the prospect must be aware of you before accessing them, such as an FAQ on your website; instead of putting that content on an open forum and then syndicating it across the areas where your ideal prospects are comfortable consuming information.

Once that’s done, then you can syndicate it across multiple mediums in order to get it as widespread as possible, your clients are looking to get into your area of expertise as a consumer, they’re going to have questions. They bring those questions up, and the majority of people right now, how they find answers to their questions is that they’re looking for when they’re about to make a purchasing decision is through friends and family, and the internet. Those are the two largest ones. So you obviously cannot influence the friends and family of course, unless they’ve seen your outbound marketing, but when they go and they do search-related for their questions. See, you’re not just talking about your industry in general. What you’re doing is, you are answering common questions that these people need to have answered in order to find a trusted service provider.

So if you’re the person that they find out on the internet, on social media, on search engines, in articles, in press releases, and so on, then you are automatically seen as the authority. People who answer our questions for us are always put at a higher level than people who are silent in the same arena, and that makes perfect sense. So the benefits of authority marketing are: (angel) it is a lead generation source. If I’m going to go out on the internet and so on and I’m going to ask questions so that I can make a proper buying decision about any area that I’m looking to get into, if I find, or when I find, somebody who’s willing to answer those questions in a very open and transparent way, then I’m, that’s going to build trust with them from me. So I’m going to have, I’m going to have a sense of trust.

I’m also going to have a sense that they’re an authority because there they are answering my questions. So when it comes time to purchase, am I going to go and look for somebody else who has, who has not been open, and who has not advocated for my education and my proper and educated buying decision? No, I’m going to find the person that I already know and like and trust. So right there, that’s a conversion strategy. But it’s also a lead generation strategy in the sense that you can do the exact same thing we just talked about and build trust and have it on your website, but the fact of the matter is, very few people, unless they know you specifically, are not going to be looking on your website. But if you take this information and you put it out into a medium like social media or into articles and press releases and so on that will be indexed by search engines, then there’s where your lead generation comes in.

So truly authority marketing covers, and it is, just let me rewind a little bit, this is an inbound marketing strategy, OK? A lot of people, that’s a buzzword these days and they’re looking for inbound marketing. So what inbound marketing is is giving value first and then getting people to find that and respond. So what we’ve got here is an inbound marketing strategy whose goals deliver or is to deliver lead generation and, more importantly, lead conversion.

So I hope that helps. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through this website, leave a comment and share the knowledge.